Does Your Site Look Professional, So People Will Buy From You?


From: Christine Robins


Dear Online Entrepreneur,

You know your site needs to look the absolute best it can for people to trust you enough to part with their cash.  Are your sales telling you that your salespage is just fine?  Or not?

Have you checked out your online competition lately?  Go ahead... put your main keywords into a search engine and see what else comes up.  Do their sites look better than yours?

Are you the one responsible for how your salespage looks and performs?  Performs as in the ratio of sales to visitors?  Yes?  Then you need to check out our latest product...

2468 high quality graphics available in our new "Colossus Salespage Graphics" Packs.  

See below... and below... and below!  In a hurry?  Start scrolling down now!  It's going to take a while to get to the bottom of this page!

Like you, I've got the responsibility of having our salespages look absolutely the best they can.  And that doesn't mean heaping them with graphics.  It means

having the best quality graphic to really get your sales message across.

You've heard it before "a picture tells a thousand words."  And in the case of your salespage... that's it exactly!

You're aware that most first time visitors to your site are scrolling down the page.  They're not reading the detail.  They're waiting for something to grab them; to tell them that it's worth their while to stick around and see what you're all about!  So, it's also up to you to get your sales message across in headings and graphics, to encourage those "scrollers" to hang around and read some more.

So, what's the answer?  Look... I've lost count of the graphics packages I've bought over the last five years.  And some of them came with resell rights.  Then there's heaps of others I've made myself because I couldn't find them anywhere else.

So, when a good friend of mine asked "where do you get all those brilliant graphics you use on your sites?" I had the answer. 

And I realized that he wasn't the first to ask that question.

Then I had one of those "light bulb" moments.  You know the ones... when you know you've just had a great idea! 

What if I had a look through my massive library of images and put together a selection of the best I could find?  If I made sure it covered all the graphics that an online marketer might need?

And Wow!  What a job it's been.  Deciding on the selection; hunting out the best; amalgamating the total.  Some have been around for a while, but they're great quality. 

It's been worth the time and effort.  Take a look at what you can be downloading in just minutes from now...

For all you eagle-eyed graphics guys... yes, the images below are low resolution and smaller than the originals.  They had to be or this page would never load!   What you download are of a much higher quality.


 - 12 Folders


People Images: 100 Detail samples first, thumbnails next.

Most are up to 600 pixels high and are all png files (which can be put on any colour background).


High Res Images: 20 (1680 to 1920 wide each!)


Arrows: 115


Awards: 34 (300 pixels to 900 wide)



Blanks, Speech & Jigsaws: 152


Books: 35


Bullets & Checks: 114


Buttons - Download: 15


Buttons - Join Now, Join Free: 54


Buttons - Order Now, Buy Now:  76


Buttons - Register: 12


Buttons - Subscribe: 19

That's just the first pack!  Moving on...


 - 15 Folders

Cameras: 26


Certificates: 31 (550 wide)


Circles: 24


Contact: 26


Credit Cards: 21


Desktop: 17


Discounts: 55


Discs: 41


Finance: 27


Folders: 66


Free!: 74


Guarantees: 65


Website Headers - Colors: 20 (750 x 150)


Website Headers - Niche: 52 750 wide with lettering setup or blanks, plus psds. (psd graphics are made up of layers which you can manipulate, delete or replace.)


Help: 53

Images are a mixture of jpegs, gifs and png files with psds where stated.

Ready for more?!


 - 15 Folders

Promotional Banners: 6 sets (all psds)


Icons: 145


Laptops: 13


Misc: 48


Money: 145


New & Bonus: 26


Numbers: 61


Price Badges: 44


Question Marks: 20


Quotes: 20


Sales: 200+


Smileys: 150


Trial: 67


US Currency: 27


World Flags: 128

Enough!  No... you didn't get to see every image in these packs. I had to call a halt somewhere! But, as you can see, the range and the quality are "Colossol!"


Whether you're just getting started with your own online business, or you've a number of businesses on the go... you need this package. 


Dip into it time and time again to get a major point across or to break up the heaps of copy on your salespage... or simply to better illustrate what you have on offer.


Download it to your desktop for instant access.  You'll be amazed at how often you'll need it.


I would have spent thousands of dollars on all the graphics packages I've purchased over the years.  But you're not going to have to today.  In fact this investment in your online business is a tiny



The price badges look great don't they?  Sorry... I digress, but yes, this is one of the price badges in your new package.


2468+ high quality graphic images for $27!  If my maths is correct, that's a little over 1 cent per graphic.  Have you come across a better deal lately?


You know, we usually offer a money-back guarantee with our products.  But as my partner and other half just commented... you've already seen most of what is in our new product, so there would be no reason for you to decide that it's not what you want. 


If you're still undecided, take a scroll back up the page and just see the huge value in this new package.  Keep in mind that we couldn't display every single graphic.


And remember... if your salespage doesn't look great, then it simply isn't going to work for you. 


The competition online is just too great.


You need to be sure that your page, compared to your competition, looks highly professional and top quality graphics is one of the main ways to achieve this. 


In fact, go back up to Pack 2 to the Website Headers that come with psds and just see if there's one of those that would make your site look a whole lot better?  Or is there one of the images on a header that would upgrade your salespage?


Those "help" graphics will save your support email from being scammed too.  And the six sets of promotional banners will make it so easy, when you decide to rope in affiliates to help sell your products.


And then there's the "free trial" which can be a hugely successful marketing ploy.  Give them just a taste of your product... and the odds are they'll want more. 


Use the blank "awards" to reward your best pupils with a certificate.  Use the high res images as the background to your new eBook or product box.  Or pull one of the colored headers into your graphics editor and resize it for your new report.  I could go on... and on.


I know some of you will never have really worked with graphics before now, and you must have heard of the huge prices for some of the professional graphics editors.  No worries! 


We also show you where to collect a highly sophisticated graphics editor... for free. 


And there's other resources we've included  for you too.


But... what would a great package be without a Bonus?  And this one's also a "Colossus!"  



Yes, that does say "2,000 Plus Sound Bites" and there's everything in here that you can imagine. 


Think concertos, people, animals, music, nature, phrases, office noises...


I was scrolling through these files this afternoon and came across everything from office sounds, to the Jaws soundtrack!  There's rock & roll, funk and rain falling plus a whole series of phrases.  There's even fast cars to fire engines,  So much fun with so many of these.  But there's a serious side to all this too. 


Need the sound of a baby laughing as an intro to your new baby site?  Or the sound of running water for your nature site?  You get the picture.  Sorry... you get the sounds!


And it can help stop those new visitor "scanners" in their tracks. 


So, how much extra for these 2,000+ sounds?   (Last count it was 2556 in total, but don't hold me to it... could be a couple either way).  For the first 200 to say "yes please" it's free!  Then I'll review it.   Not to worry if you miss out.  It will be available soon on our site for just $19.97. 


In the meantime, we love rewarding decision makers, so you can...


Get your copy of "Colossus Salespage Graphics" right now for $27 and grab a product that sells for $19.97 at no extra cost!  But only if you're quick!





We're open 24/7 so you can be downloading these huge packages in no time at all.  They're all instantly downloadable.  No waiting.  You can be adding these superb graphics to your site today!  And having fun deciding which of the sound grabs might help your site visitors stick around for a while.



We use PayPal for all our online transactions.  It's safe, encrypted and easy and you don't need to sign up for an account.  We'll just need a couple of details and you'll be on your way.  Simply use your business credit card... safely.


If you've had a good look at the graphics on offer, then I have a feeling that you just can't wait to get started.  That's what I would be like.  There's a huge satisfaction in seeing your site change from the boring and bland to looking highly professional. 


Our very best wishes for your online success.  We really hope that these two great products are going to be a big part of increasing sales on your sites. 


All the best



Christine Robins

Another resource from


P.S.  Not sure what you're doing reading down here.  Maybe my writing skills need an update!  I know the offer couldn't be better... that's 2,468 quality images plus 2,556 sound bites for less than a family takeaway dinner! 


P.P.S.  Don't miss out on "Sounds To Sell By!"  If I decide at 200 that it's selling so well at the that I should cancel the bonus, it's gone!


P.P.P.S.  Just keep in mind that, at this price, you have Personal Use Only rights to these products.  You can use them on any of your own sites, but you're not permitted to give or sell these packages to anyone else. 


P.P.P.P.S.  Seriously, can your salespages not hugely benefit from all you've seen on this page?  If the answer's "yes"





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